200+ Club

The Membership fee is £12.00 per unit. Multiple units are available. On receipt of the Membership fee an acknowledgement and draw number(s) will be sent.

Membership Rules

  • The prize fund will be based on half of the membership subscription; the other half being regarded as a donation to Solden Hill House.
  • Prize money will be based on £1.50 (£6.00 ÷ 4 draws per year) for every member who has subscribed by the date of each draw. 
  • The prize money will be distributed as one First Prize (75%) and one Second Prize (25%).
  • The draws will take place in April, July, October and January.
  • Prize winners are notified and sent cheques by post within 7 days of each draw. A list of winners is available by contacting Solden Hill House Office on 01327 260234.
  • The annual subscription of £12.00 qualifies the member for entry into the four succeeding draws. If you wish to be included in the next draw, your application is required before this date.