Solden Hill House is an independent residential home providing care and support for adults with learning disabilities. Inspired by the principles of Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, Solden’s aim is to provide a comfortable and secure environment for all our residents and to encourage them to develop their full potential by supporting them in achieving their goals, whilst celebrating their individuality.

Rudolf Steiner 

Anthroposophy is a modern spiritual path that cherishes and respects the freedom of each individual, based on the writings and lectures of Rudolf Steiner.

Outcome Focussed Support, Continuous Improvement Programme and Professional Development 

As an outcome-focussed service we try to ensure we meet the wants and needs of the people using the service, as opposed to one which ‘fits’ the services it can provide to the requirements of the people using it.  

Our Charity

As a registered charity we provide supportive, stimulating and safe homes.  

We have opportunities for independent living and encourage adults with a wide range of disabilities to develop their full potential.  

Outcome Focussed Support

Outcome focussed support is a different way of planning for the needs of our residents. It refers to the impacts of services on a person’s life.  

For example, this might be a general outcome such as being safe or a specific one such as being able to see friends or being able to prepare their own meal. We then think about what is stopping them from achieving that outcome and what would help. We will develop a plan which sets out clearly what our residents want to achieve and what support they would like in order to achieve it. Everyone providing support will get a copy so that everyone knows what they want. The residents will get a copy as well.
In addition to working to achieve the outcomes which are important to them as individuals, there are ten key outcomes that shape all our work, which are important to our residents:

  • I make everyday choices
  • I make important decisions about my life 
  • People treat me with respect 
  • I take part in everyday activities 
  • I have friendships and relationships 
  • I am part of my local community 
  • I get the chance to work 
  • People listen to my family’s views 
  • I am safe from bullying and abuse 
  • I get help to stay healthy

Continuous Improvement Programme 

We pride ourselves on offering a proactive transparent approach by encouraging family, significant others and professionals to offer input into our ability to meet their expectations.  This feeds into to our bi-annual family group meetings which are held each July and December at Solden Hill House. This opportunity to share and invest time into future planning gives comfort to those who cannot always readily share the daily experiences of their loved ones.  

Professional Development 

Solden Hill House Limited and Opps Training have formed a partnership which aims to maintain the very best of care to residents. Opps trainers, drawn from the care sector will help the Solden Hill House team reflect on their practice, achieve new skills and knowledge, meet their aspirations and plan to meet their full potential. The partnership will build on robust in-house training through a series of short focussed accredited courses and apprenticeships at all levels. Both Opps Training and Solden Hill House seek to demonstrate that a partnership approach to training can greatly impact on the wellbeing and fulfilment of the residents and on those who seek to serve them. 

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