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Living and Learning

We are thrilled to be offering our new ‘Lifelong Learning’ packages aimed at promoting self-support and independence.

Led by our Independence Coach, our half and full day courses will offer a varied programme of learning using non-traditional methods allowing individuals to receive certified proof of course completion in areas such as cookery, money management and social skills.

Communication Skills

Makaton offers staff and residents an additional line of communication ensuring that everyone has a voice.
Makaton is designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties. It uses signs and symbols, with speech, in spoken word order.

Makaton can help our residents to:
Communicate what they need, want, think or feel
Make themselves understood by using signs / symbols
Develop their attention, looking and listening skills
Develop their understanding of speech and promote their communication development
Develop their language & literacy skills


We are a registered centre for delivering ASDAN life skills challenge courses and we agree with their ethos that all learners should have the opportunity to discover, develop and make use of their abilities. 

Work Based Skills

Residents are encouraged to participate in non-traditional education to develop their skills with the outcome being they achieve community based vocation. Staff members support them in their roles to ensure that they can fully comply with what is expected of them. Current residents have the opportunity to work upscaling old furniture with our community partners, "Second Time Around"