Our Team

We have a dedicated and highly skilled team that have amassed a great number of years of experience working with our client group. This has enabled us to create appropriate care and support packages that meet the ever-changing needs of our residents.
Our robust ‘Continuous Professional Development’ ethos means that we are always striving to learn new skills that help our residents to fulfil their ambitions.
We are very proud to have such a wonderful group to enable us here at Solden Hill House Limited to strive for the expected standards of our stakeholders.


Our board of Trustees.

Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, a charity's management and administration.   

Our Trustees work collectively as a board and take decisions at formal board meetings. Once a decision has been collectively made all trustees are bound to support that decision.

Our trustees demonstrate values such as honesty and integrity. They are all committed to the charity’s aims and values. In addition, they have many different skills, experiences, attributes and areas of knowledge that our charity welcomes.   

Our board is made up of non-paid volunteers. The Chair of Directors is Liz Horton, the Vice-Chair is Jane Ferguson and the remaining members of our board are James BatchelorSimon Bown (Finance Director), Wendy Coleman, Tom Espley, David Fuller and Catherine Wardlaw who together with the senior management team make decisions based on the needs of the residents.