We support everyone in the development of their particular skills whatever they may be. Individual support is given to enable communication and self-expression through practical, artistic and musical talent.

Residents frequently enjoy outings to the cinema, theatres, National Trust properties and other places of interest.  We offer weekly external sessions in local towns of swimming, sports, gym, sailing, horse riding, college and dance.

Recreational and Pastimes  

In house we offer pottery, literacy, painting,craft, furniture restoration, music as therapy, cooking, gardening, and many more. All sessions are with experienced and dedicated staff. 

Holidays and Days Out

Holidays play a big part in our residents life, whether it is an activity based holiday, spa break, quiet country cottage or a holiday to the seaside each resident’s individual needs are taken into consideration.

Specialist Therapy 

From our sensory areas which can be tailored to the needs of each resident to our new vegetable garden and chicken coop, we explore all avenues to ensure all needs are met. 

Communication Skills

The arrival of Julia, our activities co-ordinator who can both use and teach Makaton is a fantastic addition to the Solden Hill House offering. Using Makaton will offer staff and residents an additional line of communication ensuring that everyone has a voice.
Makaton is designed to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties. It uses signs and symbols, with speech, in spoken word order.

Makaton can help our residents to:
Communicate what they need, want, think or feel
Make themselves understood by using signs / symbols
Develop their attention, looking and listening skills
Develop their understanding of speech and promote their communication development
Develop their language & literacy skills

Craft Workshop 

Our craft workshop is where it all happens. From card making, painting, writing and rug making there are lots of activities that the residents can take part in. It is a popular session for residents who enjoy making items for family members.

Special dates in the calendar are always remembered with residents often making fabulous items for their families and seasonal items to decorate their houses

Cookery and Kitchen Skills

Choosing food, seeing it prepared or helping to prepare it is part of the daily process for us all. It is a communal and productive activity. As far as possible we are led in menu choices by the residents themselves.

We order fresh seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and fresh meat from our local family butcher and more recently have been producing our own vegetables in the garden.

Running alongside this practical experience is our in-house course about food hygiene, kitchen safety and the importance of choosing and eating the right foods. All staff attend statutory courses on food hygiene.

Theatre and Drama 

Held in our large hall, drama sessions are a favourite with staff and residents alike.

Expressing themselves through their individual performance’s residents are involved in regular plays throughout the year.

Our hall has stage lighting and a sound system. Residents also assist in the painting of any props that are required.

Furniture Restoration 

Our furniture restoration workshop has been in operation for the last couple of years. Residents help to sand down, paint and finish the items over a few sessions. It is a popular workshop where any resident can try their hand at helping to restore the furniture pieces.

Our new in-house purpose built workshop is now up and running which will enable residents to complete their projects in the grounds of Solden Hill.

Gardening and Horticulture  

Solden Hill House is set in 8 ½ acres of grounds attractively laid out with trees, lawns, flower beds, vegetable garden and a greenhouse. Residents are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities, where they are able to tend flower beds, grow plants in the greenhouse, tend the vegetable garden, gather leaves in the season, and generally assist with the tending of the whole garden area.  

Our gardeners work as a group and gain immensely from the social interaction, working together towards a goal and enjoying the achievement of a job well done.

It is also most satisfying to see how the gardens are put into use during the summer months, with barbecue lunches taking place on our large patio area and everyone enjoying the outdoor facilities.  Picnics are taken into the garden where the shade provided by the apple orchard can be enjoyed in hot summer weather, and great fun is enjoyed when our sports days are held on the lawns – there’s nothing like a wheelbarrow race for audience and participant entertainment!

Music Therapy 

Music plays a very important part in the life of residents at Solden Hill. We have a designated music room where music workshops are held on a regular basis.  Using percussion instruments, xylophones, metallophones, drums, electronic keyboards and instruments which we have made ourselves, our service users are encouraged to join in group and individual music sessions. 

Group sessions are run on a person-centred basis. Music is a wonderful tool which enables those with limited communication skills to express themselves fully.  Emphasis is on enjoyment and fun and this is always the aim of the sessions. Singing is also an important tool and most of the themes we used are based around the seasons of the year and their festivals. Everyone is encouraged to improvise and express themselves through music. 

Everyone has a ‘voice’ and everyone is given a chance to be heard.

We try to produce a concert per year and work towards these goals in order to give aims and objectives for our work. They are a pivotal part of what we do. We listen to their ideas and create programmes to their needs and abilities.  We sing, we play, we listen, we improvise, but most of all we enjoy making music together. 


Pottery is an excellent vehicle to motivate, to use imagination and develop skilful design.
We begin our projects by drawing and making the designs for the items that we have in mind. We produce our drawings and have our blue print to work from. Then it is down to the tactile quality and nature of the clay and what our hands can do with it, which can be very exciting. The items gradually come to life via the imagination and input of the individual, changing from the original drawing and developing into a three dimensional artefact.
It is a simple process – but full of life and satisfaction for the residents; they love it and become engrossed in their work and it becomes a fantastic therapy.

Swimming & Gymnasium

Our residents have the opportunity to go swimming 4 times a week at a choice of local swimming pools, including a hydrotherapy pool.
In the past, residents have taken part in sponsored swims to help fundraising. Swimming is certainly a favourite activity at Solden Hill House, and nearly always includes a well-deserved tea break too!

Gym sessions take place on a weekly basis.  Residents are encouraged to use all of the equipment at the local leisure centre. Sessions last for an hour after a good workout. A trip to the local cafe for a well deserved drink after their workout is always popular.

Activity/Cinema Screen 

We have recently added a cinema screen to our growing list of facilities. This new addition has been well received as we use the screen to project Zumba classes amongst other things which helps to ensure that our residents remain energetic whilst having fun.  

Work Based Skills

Residents are encouraged to partcipate in non-traditional education to develop their skills with the outcome being they acheive community based vocation. Staff members support them in their roles to ensure that they can fully comply with what is expected of them. Current residents volunteer in the local Air Ambulance and Salvation Army Charity shops.

Holidays and Days Out

Holidays play a big part in our residents life. Each resident will have at least one main holiday each year. Liaison with family members is key in enabling us to ensure that the resident goes on the holiday which is right for them. Whether it’s an activity based holiday, spa break, quiet country cottage or a holiday to the seaside each resident’s individual needs are taken into consideration. 

Seaside Holidays 
Blackpool, Weymouth, Bournemouth? We’ve been to them all. Staying in accommodation suited to the groups needs, a trip to the seaside is normally a 4 night, 5 day affair. Taking in local attractions, toe dipping in the sea and the obligatory fish and chips on the seafront this is a popular trip with residents and staff alike.
Entertainment breaks
Some residents love a good tribute act. Abba, Queen, Take That? Whoever you want to see, we can source a few nights away staying at a luxury hotel normally with the addition of spa facilities. Hotels chosen can always cater for adults with learning disabilities.

Country Cottage breaks
For those residents who want a more relaxing break, these holidays suit them best. Normally in quieter areas with plenty of local attractions and the odd National Trust property, residents are away for 4 nights and 5 days. Evening meals are prepared in the cottage after full days out with the odd evening meal out at a local pub.

Specialist Therapy


All of our residents have access to sensory equipment that can be used in fixed areas of our facility and some of which is transportable so that it can be utilised by residents in their own personal space. We have also included sensory planting into our garden area which is fully accessible to all.

Aromatherapy &

Solden Hill House has a Holistic Therapist offering Aromatherapy massage, Indian head massage and Acupressure to name but a few. The psychological and physical benefits of aromatherapy have long been known to enhance physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing stress, boosting the immune system and improving muscle tone etc. 

Animal Therapy & Interaction

Based off site, residents attend a weekly animal therapy session. They interact with horses, goats, chickens, sheep and dogs. An informal group session residents learn how to communicate with the animals which can change their behavioural traits.
We also have horses and chickens on site who are regularly laying eggs.