If you would like to speak to Adrian or Kelly at Solden House, please call 01327 260234 (option 3) alternatively you can email us

Solden House is a large detached property offering residential living which forms part of the main site, Solden Hill House.

A dedicated craft room, music room, and Bluebell Cafe are all located at the main Solden House site.

Residents can choose to meet on a daily basis to partake in activities, go on outings and have their lunch.

 Access to Solden Hill House offers all residents Lifelong Learning Opportunities and on-site facilities that include Fitness, Gardening, Café Dining, Country Walks amongst many other therapeutic opportunities.

Solden House has 11 bedrooms for residential care, each with its own hand basin and shared access to bathrooms and toilets. 

There is an additional kitchen and a communal lounge for residents to relax.

If you would like to speak to Robyn or Lynn at Apps House, please call 01327 260234 (option 4) alternatively you can email us

Apps House is a property offering residential living located in the grounds of Solden Hill House. 

Regular days out are arranged by the team at Apps House. 

Residents and their respective housemates are encourage to participate in activities and to help during mealtimes.

All residents are encouraged to choose their own activities whether this is visiting local attractions, shopping in the local city or enjoying a themed party at their house! 

The property has 10 bedrooms split over 3 levels.  Each bedroom has its own hand-basin and has access to a shared bathroom. 

Apps residents also enjoy the activities and outdoor space of Solden Hill House.